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As part of the celebration of the 50 Best Restaurants Latin America 2022 awards, which will be held from November 11 to 15, the city of Mérida will also host the ‘Sabores de Yucatán’ Festival, from November 11 to 13, with the aim of positioning the Yucatec gastronomy in the world and makes it another attraction of the region’s tourist offer.

To present the event, the tourist institution of Yucatan brought together some of the protagonists of the fair, such as the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Yucatan, Michelle Fridman Hirsch, Claudia González Góngora, recently appointed President of the National Chamber of restaurant and seasoned Food Industry, and Carlos Guillermo Aguirre Aguilar, President of the Association of Restaurants and Gastronomic Services of Valladolid (Mexico), Carlos Guillermo Aguirre Aguilar, President of the Association of Restaurants and Gastronomic Services of Valladolid (Mexico) , as well as some of the best chefs in Yucatan, such as Roberto Solís, one of the main exponents of the new Yucatan cuisine, Wilson Alonzo, chef and researcher of traditional Yucatan cuisine, Luis Ronzón, chef of the restaurant of the Hotel Chablé. All agreed on the importance of the two events for the region and the good times that the gastronomy of Yucatan is experiencing.

Michelle Fridman Hirsch, Secretary of Tourism for the State of Yucatán, explained the details of the “Sabores de Yucatán” festival and all the activities that will take place around it. The event, which will showcase the region’s deep-rooted culinary heritage and showcase the interplay between ancient Yucatan culinary traditions and new contemporary trends, will feature food tastings, food talks, tastings, pairings , tours, competitions and master classes. by some of the world’s most famous chefs.

Among the activities that will be held within the framework of the “Festival de Sabores de Yucatán”, the secretariat highlighted the market with Yucatan products, such as Yucatan honey, chocolate, sauces, and a long etcetera, the stations with Yucatan chefs and emblematic products, the Bier Garden or two important gastronomic circuits through different restaurants.

Regarding the impact of the festival, Fridman Hirsch pointed out that “gastronomic tourism is a transversal sector” and, moreover, that “the Yucatan region has one of the richest and most diversified gastronomy in the world”. The celebration of the awards gala for the 50 best restaurants in Latin America 2022 makes this week of November the ideal month to organize the first “Festival de Sabores de Yucatán”. Among the reasons for holding this event is also “the economic impact it will generate in the whole sector, and that it contributes to “bringing benefits to farmers, fishermen, …”

Festival gastronómico de Mérida, courtesy of National Geographic en Español.

The Yucatan region has experienced a significant economic recovery after the pandemic and, while in 2019 “records were broken in all areas, in 2022 we are already above these figures in indicators such as the arrival of tourists with overnight stays or air flows”, he added.

After the intervention of the Secretary of Tourism of Yucatán, Claudia González Góngora, President of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasonal Food Industry, took over and pointed out that “over the years, the Yucatán has positioned itself as a place known for its gastronomy”. He also pointed out that the region “has a lot of culinary talent”, in addition to agreeing with Michelle Fridman Hirsch in highlighting the significant economic impact that these events will generate in Yucatán.

Carlos Guillermo Aguirre Aguilar, president of the Association of Restaurants and Gastronomic Services of Mérida, said in his speech that “we must continue to promote gastronomy because it is not only the product but the experience that gives it the added value”.

Several of the best chefs from the Yucatan food scene also had the opportunity to speak during the presentation. For example, Wilson Alonzo, a researcher on traditional Yucatan cuisine, pointed out that “this opportunity to have the festival means a great economic impact for our community”, and he wanted to defend the products, techniques and flavors of the cuisine. from Yucatan.

Chef Roberto Solís, the main exponent of new Yucatan cuisine, explained that “we are always looking to promote this industry and it is essential to show the faces of the people who make this type of experience possible. We want the people of Yucatán to feel loved and supported.

Luis Ronzón, the restaurant chef at Hotel Chablé, concluded the presentation by explaining that “those of us who are in charge of the kitchens are the protagonists, but as chefs we feel responsible for passing on the products and traditions of Yucatec culture.

In the round of questions, the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Yucatan, Michelle Fridman Hirsch confirmed that renowned chefs such as Dabiz Muñoz or Jordi Roca, in addition to many national and local chefs, will be present at this first edition of the “Yucatan Sabores Festival”.

With this event, the Ministry of Tourism of Yucatan aims not only to claim the gastronomic treasures of the region, but to complement them with all the tourist offers that Yucatan has to offer. Characterized by its natural wonders, such as the famous cenotes and its beaches of white sand and turquoise water, as well as by its unparalleled cultural heritage, with archaeological sites of global importance such as Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, a cultural mosaic where the living culture of the Maya stands out. Not in vain, the capital of Yucatan, Mérida, is the only city in the world to be recognized twice as the American capital of culture, in addition to being the only Mexican city in the Top 10 of the best cities in the world by Condé Nast Traveler in 2021, in the category of large cities. In this same year 2022, Merida was recognized in fourth position in the same category.

Festival gastronómico de Mérida, courtesy of National Geographic en Español.

In addition, the good connectivity with the region is another reason to visit Yucatan, since it is directly connected to some of the main airports in the country such as Mexico City, AIFA, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Toluca, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Veracruz, Villahermosa, Tijuana . , and Oaxaca, as well as international connections with the cities of Miami, Houston, Oakland, Dallas, Toronto, Havana, Flores and Guatemala.

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