UN World Tourism Organization suspends Russia

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has suspended the membership of the Russian Federation, thus depriving the country of its rights and privileges as a member of the specialized agency of the United Nations with immediate effect.

In a statement issued on Wednesday (April 27), the UNWTO said the Russian delegation had refused to stand up and defend its position and announced before the debate that it would withdraw from the UNWTO, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

This means that the Russian Federation will not be able to benefit from the Organization’s services, including technical assistance, or attend UNWTO meetings or events. Furthermore, he will also not be allowed to nominate a candidate to serve on UNWTO statutory bodies, to vote in elections for UNWTO bodies or to select a candidate to serve as Secretary-General.

The Assembly voted in favor of the suspension, far exceeding the required two-thirds majority. The decision takes effect immediately, while the voluntary withdrawal is not effective until one year after a member submits an official communication through the appropriate channels,” read the statement.

In this regard, UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said that UNWTO members had given a message that tourism is a pillar of international peace and friendship, and that members of UNWTO should uphold these values ​​without exception.

Furthermore, he pointed out that this emergency General Assembly shows that Russia’s actions are vulnerable and contrary to the principles of UNWTO and international governance.

A total of 99 countries were represented in Madrid. According to article 3 of the statutes, all members undertake to develop tourism “with a view to contributing to economic development, international understanding, peace, prosperity, universal perspective and respect for human rights. the man “. UNWTO noted.

On March 2, the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization called for an urgent session of the Executive Council to address the issue of the request from Guatemala, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine to suspend Russia’s membership of the UNWTO.

According to the UNWTO statutes, each member state can be suspended in the same way if only two-thirds of its other members consider that they are pursuing a policy contrary to the fundamental objectives of the Organization.

The bylaws also establish that approval of the motion to suspend membership requires a two-thirds majority of full members present and voting at the General Assembly. The suspension is temporary and can be lifted, but this only happens by the General Assembly and following the same procedure.

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