The PharmaKon enlists a high-calibre group of business, diversity and healthcare experts for its patient advocacy council

PharmaKon CEO/Founder Gail Trauco, RN, BSN-OCN

Board members bring real-world experience as doctors, lawyers, U.S. military veterans, cancer survivors, LGBTQ, minorities, and residents of rural/marginalized communities.

The eight women chosen for the Pharmakon Defense Council represent patients from all communities and walks of life. Each board member is an experienced voice for patients who are focused on helping people with specific medical conditions and health care needs.

After generations of status quo clinical trials in America, this allied team of professionals is leveling the playing field in clinical trials. Its high-tech, decentralized, patient-centric approach aims to help millions of people overcome barriers to the best possible healthcare.

“Our newly launched Patient Advocacy Council represents a group of people committed to engaging with each other, sharing ideas and expanding commitment to patient diversity, equity and inclusion. in clinical trials,” says Gail Trauco, a 43-plus-year-old oncology nurse, Pharmaceutical Trials Expert and CEO/Founder of The PharmaKon. Board members bring real-world experience as doctors, lawyers, U.S. military veterans, cancer survivors, LGBTQ, minorities, and residents of rural/marginalized communities. Table.”

According to Trauco, these advocacy experts work with pharmaceutical companies to design clinical trial protocols with expanded inclusion criteria to allow a much wider range of all genders and races to be taken into account. account for registration. And decentralized clinical trials represent the future by bringing experimental studies to every patient, even those in small towns and rural areas.

Three nursing specialties are used by The PharmaKon for its clinical trial staff: virtual nurses, remote mobile nurses and patient concierges. Virtual nurses work remotely through telemedicine portals and EDC systems with clinical trial data. Remote mobile nurses go to patients’ homes. Patient Concierge nurses oversee daily patient calls and perform compliance checks via remote monitoring and/or phone calls. Sponsors are encouraged to design new study protocols for procedures such as laboratories, vector samples (stool, semen, saliva, urine), monitoring of vital signs, electrocardiograms, and health assessments to be performed at distance.

The PharmaKon Eight Empowered Patient Advocacy Council

A respected leader in her community, decorated Marine Corps veteran Leasha West is a tireless volunteer and founder of the Veteran Aid Task Force™. Her enthusiastic dedication to serving others led her to become a two-time recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award from Presidents Obama and Trump, and she was recently named AARP Volunteer of the Year.

While seeking employment at a major financial institution, Ashley T Brundage identified during the interview process as a male-to-female transgender woman and was subsequently hired. Starting as a part-time cashier, she became Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion in less than 5 years. Since beginning her transition in 2008, she has worked tirelessly to promote awareness and acceptance of gender identity and expression. Brundage strives to achieve this goal by volunteering in the community and organizing training sessions for businesses.

Christina Nelson has been involved in patient advocacy for over 18 years. She is known as the voice of veterans, elder abuse and abuse in nursing homes. Christina has developed sincere relationships with people across the United States. Her advocacy voice engages her southern upbringing. She is a social media influencer with nightly live streams on TikTok and Facebook.

Mary Nelson is a healthcare industry professional with over 35 years of experience in patient care. She serves daily on the front lines of COVID as an essential health care provider. Mary is certified in radiology imaging and considered an expert in radiology consultation. For the past 5 years, Mary has worked tirelessly with veterans and their families affected by abuse in nursing homes. She is a powerful voice for those less fortunate, especially veterans, seniors, minorities, and LGBTQ people.

A true survivor who raised two boys while battling breast cancer, MJ Jenkins knows the struggle of paying for college, graduating from the University of Texas and gaining 30 years of sales experience with Fortune 500 information technology companies, IBM, NEC and Commerce Internet. 10-year breast cancer survivor, board member of the American Cancer Society Desert Coastal Area, national spokesperson, HPV ambassador and voice of hope speaking globally on awareness to cancer. Jenkins is doing its part to save lives, from South Africa to Spain and across the United States

Marta Xicay-Gomez is a community health advocate and development consultant with over ten years of experience working in Latin America. Beginning her career as a Comadrona, a traditional Mayan midwife, she learned firsthand about the struggles and health care needs of indigenous women in rural communities. Today, she proudly carries the values ​​of her Maya-Kaqchiquel heritage, which guide her in the fight for health care as a human right. the cycle of poverty in Guatemala.

Dr. Elizabeth Romero is a Board Certified Family Physician with over 30 years of clinical experience. After her clinical training, she worked with the National Health Service Corps serving in several federally qualified community health centers. In 2006, she returned to California where she began a career with the State of California as Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Corrections, Medical Consultant for the Department of Justice and the Department of Health Services, and in as an expert examiner for the medical department. California Council. Dr. Romero has also worked for Executive Health Resources and United Health Group as a physician advisor helping hospital clients comply with Medicare regulations. Dr. Romero also holds a Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law from Loyola University Chicago School of Law with specialized training in health care compliance.

A U.S. Army veteran, licensed physician assistant, and fearless voice of community members, Yolanda Davis-Smith has worked tirelessly on COVID units since March 2020. Yolanda has always had a passion for helping others and giving back, which which inspired her to pursue a career in healthcare. She is also the owner and founder of Mirico Apparel, a motivational apparel line for cancer fighters, inspired by her mother, Miriam Davis, who battled breast cancer.

The PharmaKon Patient Advocacy Council is about to usher in a new era in healthcare. Clinical trials are now available for patients who otherwise could not participate in studies. Rural and marginalized communities, LGBTQ people, people of color, and low-income patients now have an equal opportunity to participate in innovative clinical trials. For more information about The PharmaKon and its industry-leading decentralized clinical trials, please visit:

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About PharmaKon LLC

For nearly 30 years, PharmaKon’s dedicated government and public health services group has successfully provided clinical research services to various agencies, contractors and non-profit organizations both as prime contractors and subcontractor, in full compliance with all federal contracting requirements. His services have supported organizations in conducting therapeutic, vaccine and medical device studies across North America in all trial phases and therapeutic areas. The PharmaKon has a unique understanding and connection to rural healthcare and underserved communities through the personal experiences of its CEO/Founder Gail Trauco who grew up on a family farm in her native North Carolina.

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