Suppliers end expansive strike with 24% staff increases and health care solution

The management of three providers and SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania reached an agreement on contract negotiations for about 700 nursing home workers over the weekend.

The workers, employed by Comprehensive Healthcare, Priority Healthcare and Shenandoah Heights Healthcare, had been on strike since Labor Day weekend. Workers wanted providers to guarantee that $600 million of public funds from the state budget would go to staffing and resident care.

The three suppliers gave McKnight Long Term Care News a brief statement on Monday, expressing their pleasure.

“We are delighted to have reached a fair and friendly agreement with the union to ensure that our teams and residents continue to receive the exceptional care and support they deserve.

On August 30, facilities owned by Guardian Healthcare reached an agreement with its unionized workers before going on strike. On Monday, Guardian said McKnight’s:

“We are pleased that our collaborative efforts with the SEIU have resulted in a fair agreement that demonstrates Guardian’s commitment to our team members. Although we had contingency plans in place for work stoppages, we believe this agreement is best for our communities, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to improve wages. and working conditions of all Guardian employees.

Our goal is to make Guardian an employer of choice for everyone who works here, from those providing frontline care to those working behind the scenes. Everyone on the Guardian team makes our success possible.

According to the syndicate’s press release, the contracts for all the houses in the three ownership groups were separate but all included:

  • salary increases of 24% on average that take into account the longevity and experience of workers and departments;
  • adjustments to health insurance to make costs more affordable for all caregivers and secure more providers in the network;
  • a commitment to comply with upcoming enhanced state staffing regulations;
  • succession clause to maintain union contracts if these nursing homes are sold, rather than the contracts being dismantled in a sale. This protection guarantees union members the right to maintain their contracts with new employers for a period of time, until a new agreement is reached.

The Shenandoah Heights employees’ contract also included employer-paid time off.

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