GigXR, ANIMA RES Scale Healthcare eLearning

GigXR, a global provider of e-learning solutions for extended reality (XR) healthcare, teamed up with XR medical visualization experts ANIMA RES on Thursday to scale its 3D anatomy training tools hyperrealistic for global medical schools.

The partnership allows GigXR to provide its user base with a selection of new online learning opportunities previously unavailable on the platform.

Rodrigo Olmos, CIO and co-founder of ANIMA RESadded,

“Using an accurate, high-fidelity simulation of a living body during training, rather than a cadaver or simulation puppet, helps immensely in understanding the complexity and fascination of the human body and makes their experience more enjoyable. “learning so much more valuable. We know from studies how important detail is: the higher the level of detail in realistic organs, the greater the learning experience”

Besides, Pablo Olmos, CEO and co-founder of ANIMA RESsaid the GigXR partnership will allow his company to expand into various vertical markets outside of healthcare “such as higher education” and expand globally to “match GigXR’s global footprint “.

Insight Training

Additionally, as part of this partnership, ANIMA RES provides the GigXR immersive ecosystem with its award-winning Insight Series that creates high-quality 3D holograms of major organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

The Insight Series allows healthcare trainees to visualize different disease states and their effects on major organs, including accurately depicting an organ’s appearance and structural movements. ANIMA RES Insight Heart allows users to see immersive representations of myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation.

GigXR users need only one set of login credentials to access the ecosystem and the upcoming Insight Series, allowing students, teachers, and developers to easily access the ecosystem with just one login to access to XR educational resources. The seamless functionality also streamlines procurement processes at training institutions.

ANIMA RES’ Insight Heart, Insight Lung, and Insight Kidney will debut on the GigXR platform in the summer of this year, with Insight Heart debuting first and more modules to follow.

Empower Healthcare with GigXR

Alongside ANIMA RES’ Insight Training Series, the partnership will allow GigXR to expand the development of a 360-degree training library of immersive resources for teachers and students.

According to GigXR CEO, Jared Mermey.

The news comes after GigXR has partnered with Cambridge University Health Partners and the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to provide accurate XR training modules for students learning in a hybrid environment.

In an exclusive interview with XR Today, Arun Gupta, Director of Postgraduate Education for Cambridge University Health Partnersexplained how his institution uses the GigXR ecosystem to overlay MRI and CTS scans to locate tumors and anatomical irregularities.

The GigXR platform creates a safe space to enable repeatable training scenarios that empower future clinicians to deliver excellent and safe healthcare in a real-world environment.

Late last year, GigXR partnered with the University of Michigan to develop the “XR Procedures Training Suite” to improve students’ diagnostic, surgical, and communication skills.

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