Diagnosing tumors at home? The digital transition of healthcare has arrived

In this video clip of a Motley Fool live interview, recorded on April 11KPMG Partner Kristin Pothier answers a question from Fool.com contributor Rachel Warren about some of the exciting new virtual trends in telehealth.

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Christine Pothier: Much of the work we do is in health systems. Health systems have seen this transition to digital health, this transition to telehealth, teletherapy, especially in mental health. It has really helped a number of patients who maybe couldn’t get to the doctor or weren’t comfortable doing so.

Now we have a family health capability where families can sit in their own living room with their therapist on the other end of the line and really talk about things and be able to do that without missing an appointment. They don’t have to worry about getting on their bus or in their car to get to a therapy area and provide that help to the mental health community.

I would say for the rest of telehealth as well, there are certain things you need to see a doctor for. It will never go away. In order to do a biopsy, in order to really understand a diagnosis, you usually have to see a patient. But we are seeing that even areas that traditionally could only be done in hospitals are beginning to diversify.

For example, the liquid biopsy trend, which means that instead of taking a piece of tumor from a patient, you take a blood sample and you can look at the signature of the tumor in the blood. It is something that can be done at home. When you really look at that and you see the surveillance capabilities, and you see the progression of cancer care, we’re going to do more as we move forward.

It’s all really due to some of that innovation, both from a wet chemistry perspective, but also the availability of the digital ecosystem that comes with it.

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