Change of Truss with Israel – UK ‘evaluates’ Jerusalem Embassy – Politics

LONDON — Britain’s Conservative government under the new leadership of Liz Truss is weighing the possibility of moving the British embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a decision so far made only among major countries by the United States at the following a decision made by then President Donald Trump and later not revoked by Joe Biden.

The new Prime Minister spoke about it in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly during a meeting with her Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid, as a Downing Street spokesperson confirmed on Thursday, adding that the “dislocation of the embassy is now under review”. ” by Truss.

The media noted that the diplomatic offices of major European and Western countries, with the exception of the United States, remain in Tel Aviv for the time being since the UN and the international community have never recognized Israel’s annexation. of East Jerusalem, with an Arab majority. The move of the American embassy, ​​decided in 2018, was at the time criticized by the conservative British Prime Minister at the time, Theresa May, and followed by violence in East Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories. It has only been imitated over time by Honduras and Guatemala, as well as Kosovo, which in 2021 opened its first embassy in Israel.

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