Anthony Scarpone-Lambert: a digital and unifying house for healthcare workers

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Good morning! My name is Spiffy, I’m an interplanetary journalist. I spoke with innovators around the world working on good health and well-being. One such person is Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, co-founder and CEO of Lumify, who agreed to speak to me today.

Nice : Welcome, Anthony! Glad to have you here. What challenge is Lumify addressing?

Anthony: Thanks for inviting me, Spiffy, hi everyone! My name is Anthony and I am a registered nurse and co-founder and CEO of Lumify. While working in an emergency department during the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt frustrated with the difficulty of accessing the equipment and resources I needed to excel. I saw my nursing peers underutilize resources, leading to us feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. I knew there had to be a better way! That’s why I created Lumify, a digital home for healthcare professionals that unifies everything we need on one web and mobile platform. With Lumify, healthcare workers can buy our equipment, find continuing education, exchange tips with their peers, schedule therapy, and more!

Nice : What motivated you to do it?

Anthony: I was driven to create Lumify to solve problems I encountered as a frontline nurse. A thought I often thought about was that healthcare workers look after others, but who looks after them? My personal passion for supporting my fellow healthcare professionals motivates me every day to continue working hard to achieve Lumify’s mission of ensuring that all healthcare professionals have the equipment and resources they need to excel at the bedside and beyond. Starting a business, especially as a young person, was not easy. There are constant ups and downs, obstacles and stressors. However, my unwavering desire to have a positive impact on the lives of healthcare workers has always kept me going, even in the most difficult times.

Nice : Can you tell me how you and the company are moving towards a fairer world?

Anthony: This year alone, nearly two million healthcare workers quit their jobs, and a recent survey of 1,000 healthcare workers found that 28% had quit because of burnout. To make matters more urgent, a recent report by the World Health Organization noted that there is a projected shortage of 5.7 million nurses by 2030. As a nurse myself, I have seen first hand the lack of support for healthcare workers and how this exacerbates burns. out. When healthcare workers are not supported, patient health outcomes decline. That’s why at Lumify, we work to create a world where all healthcare workers feel supported, allowing us to excel and provide the best care to our communities.

Nice : Is there a recent Lumify milestone or initiative you want to share?

Anthony: We founded Lumify just over a year ago; however, we have already served 55,000 healthcare workers and over 250 healthcare systems. The company’s impact on healthcare is huge and we’re just getting started! Studies show that when healthcare workers are supported, patient health outcomes improve. While many healthcare startups focus directly on patient care, we understand the importance of supporting healthcare workers first in order to positively impact care at all levels.

Nice : Please share an experience where you faced failure and didn’t give up. What did you learn from this?

Anthony: Growing up, I was a performer on Broadway. I performed in two shows when I was 12. The road was filled with failed auditions, rejections, and days when I didn’t feel good enough. One particular failure I remember was my audition for Matilda. While my dancing was perfect, my voice broke on the last note when I sang the audition song. I remember the casting directors’ smiles quickly spilling over. Shortly after, I was rejected. My time on Broadway taught me an important lesson: the power of courage. Courage is a combination of passion and perseverance to achieve a goal. You don’t have to be the most talented or smartest person in the room to achieve your goals. You just need to keep it grainy.

Nice : What have you unexpectedly learned from someone recently?

Anthony: Recently, I heard about the principle of paramecium from Angela Duckworth, an American scholar, psychologist, and popular science author. The principle of paramecium is based on paramecium, a eukaryotic organism that is only one-fifth of a millimeter long. Although a brainless single cell, the paramecium survives and thrives using one basic principle: if things look up, keep swimming in that direction, and if not, change course. Dr. Duckworth relates this principle to life. If you don’t have your whole life mapped out right now, that’s okay! If you feel lost or stuck, try something new. If you feel things are improving, continue in that direction.

Nice : I learned something new today! Is there anything else you would like to tell our audience?

Anthony: I have often been confronted with the impostor syndrome throughout my life. Imposter syndrome involves feelings of self-doubt despite accomplishments, experiences, and upbringing. While my peers often saw me as a smart, outgoing, and talented member of the community, I often didn’t feel good enough. I hope my story reminds you that no one is perfect and has it all figured out. Rather than comparing yourself to others, focus on working hard to achieve your goals and striving to have a positive impact on our world. You have this!

Nice : We all have that! Thank you for speaking with me today, Anthony, it was an honor!

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, BSN, RN, is the co-founder and CEO of Luminous, the digital home of healthcare professionals. Anthony grew up as a Broadway performer and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the first nurse to receive the President Penn Innovation Award, and Lumify is the first company entirely run by nurses and backed by Y Combinator.(Nominated by Lorenzo Thione at Gaingels. First published on the Ladderworks website June 29, 2022.)

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