World Tourism Network takes care of SMEs

St.Ange who is also the Secretary General of FORSEAA is working to move forward.

“It is a recognized fact that tourism has a lot to do with culture and arts, and handicrafts as souvenirs or gifts for both tourists and hoteliers. Today, tourists are buying machine-made souvenirs and gift items, the same products based only with different icon and color finishes.

Here, tourist destinations lose the touch of local wisdom, indigenous craft design and income for local communities.

At Global Tourism Networkwe know that thanks to FORSEAA ‘AFRICA ASEAN SME Forum’, the forum which does not only talk about AFRICA and ASEAN, but which bridges new approaches for AFRICA and ASEAN to move to global markets.

One of FORSEAA’s core activities is SME for tourism, by enabling the small and medium-sized business industry to produce artisanal handicraft products as gifts or artifacts that express insightful memories of the place that the tourist visit. Such a personalized approach to craftsmanship should be available in small quantities or for pre-order to send and ship to various destinations in quality packaging,” said Alain St.Ange, Vice President of World Tourism Network.

“FORSEAA’s approach is known to be to work with hotels and various tour operators to produce gift items – which have quality – beautiful packaging – novelties that are easy to carry, which is why the Global Forum of tourism is about to develop a platform for FORSEAA where together we can create a conference, an exhibition on gift items, seasonal novelty crafts, historical replicas, all to promote tourism,” said said St.Ange in closing.

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