Wellness tourism well positioned to enter the health arena

A recent article in the Boston-based publication Atlantic reported that “even before the pandemic began, more people were dying here at younger ages than in comparatively wealthy countries.”

In the article, “America was in an early death crisis long before COVID,” Staff writer Ed Yong cites a number of reasons for this startling statistic and notes that “several studies have shown that America’s life expectancy has lagged other comparable countries for years. 1970. In the article, he also points out that “the already underperforming American health care system was hit hard by the pandemic and weakened by waves of health care worker quits.”

Dr. Ron Kapp, Santa Barbara-based physician, author, and classically trained anti-aging research clinician in allopathic medicine (MD – UT Houston. Ph.Dc – UT Austin, Post Graduate – St. Louis University. Sports Medicine Fellowship – Albert Ludwigs University, Germany) recognizes that the American healthcare system is under strain, especially in this new era of “personalized medicine”. He says, “Wellness tourism could be poised to take some of the pressure off, and even lead the charge in the paradigm shift America’s healthcare system must undergo.”

A guest speaker at the next International Wellness Tourism Conference, taking place September 23-24 in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Kapp believes the world of medicine, as it is practiced today, is bogged down by a cauldron of paperwork, insurance requirements, from government mandates and pharmaceutical promotions, all of which are packaged into an electronic health record-keeping system that he says is “blowing.” His opinion is that Wellness Resorts/Retreats with their personalized programs have the opportunity to enter the health care arena as “big players”. This brings us to medical wellness.

According to Wellness Tourism Association Glossary of Industry Terminology, “Medical wellness may refer to multi-day retreats, programs, packages or services that are administered by medical professionals, but are considered more proactive /preventive than reactive (such as responding to pain, a medical condition, or the need/desire for surgery). Multi-day guided retreats as well as individual programs for sleep, stress management, prevention of age-related conditions, and medical testing for early detection and prevention of certain medical conditions are examples of well-being. be medical.

If your clients are looking to include medical wellness in their travel plans, here are some options to have on your radar:

Canyon Ranch
Offered to Canyon Ranch in Tucson and Lenox, personalized, over several days Journey like 5 or 7 nights Integrative Weight Loss Pathway and 5 or 7 nights Path to optimal health provide guests with an immersive experience that includes health and performance coaching both pre-arrival and post-stay to identify goals and possible barriers to achieving those goals and to keep guests on track when they’re going home. These Journey include diagnostic tests as well as one-on-one consultations with a team of physicians, nutritionists, sports medicine practitioners, behavioral health therapists, and other health professionals. Programs may include DEXA analysis of body composition and bone density, continuous glucose monitoring, sleep study, comprehensive exercise assessment, and comprehensive blood panel. A wellness guide works with each guest to organize a daily plan that combines the above services with additional activities and experiences, including hikes, healthy cooking classes, fitness sessions and spa treatments.

“As the ability to travel opens up again, we are seeing many guests asking for advice on how to resume their healthy lifestyles post-pandemic. Our interdisciplinary team of experts designed our new Journey to uncover all barriers to optimal wellness and provide individualized tools for lasting lifestyle change,” says Dustin Nabhan, vice president of health and performance, Canyon Ranch.

Pritikin Longevity Center
Founded in the 1970s and recognized as one of the top weight loss retreats in the United States, Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami offers 1 and 2 week medical programs based on the pillars of Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Fitness, and Healthy Mindset. The program includes educational lectures, fitness sessions and cooking classes as well as one-on-one consultations with board-certified physicians in areas such as cardiology and endocrinology (a sub-specialty of internal medicine) and testing medical (including blood tests for inflammatory markers, a complete cholesterol analysis, and insulin and blood sugar sensitivity).

Pritikin’s Medical Director Danine Fruge, MD, acknowledges that “in the outside world of medical care, we doctors have little time to listen. Typically about seven minutes per patient. Then we take a notepad and write a prescription. She points out that “At Pritikin, we take the Latin meaning of the word ‘doctor’ (meaning ‘teacher’) seriously. We spend a lot of time listening and educating, and over the years countless patients have told us the payoff is invaluable.

Shaw Wellness
Members of the Houston-based Wellness Tourism Association (WTA), Shaw Medical Travel Consultants introduced a series of multi-day retreats created and guided by a team of physicians and health and wellness professionals led by CEO Judi Shaw, MD.

Shaw says the retreats are unique because the programs focus on coping mechanisms and mental well-being, as well as allowing participants to create their personal journey of growth, based on individual needs. Dr Shaw says: “We have designed a model, but within that model is the ability to be flexible. She points out that her team of medical experts have been directly involved in treating, studying and researching the nature and origin of various diseases and that the team “also witnessed the value of a integrated health care team and we understand the health care maintenance model and management.”

Retreat participants will have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one sessions with the Shaw team, which includes a cardiologist, nutritional neurologist, clinical psychologist and transformational relationship physician/coach. The first of their a series of multi-day retreats are planned in Costa Ricafrom October 8 to 15, 2022.

Strata Wellness at Garden of the Gods Resort & Club
Through their stratified memberships (ranging from $6,500 to $15,000), Strata in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs offers an innovative blend of modern Western medicine and traditional Eastern therapies. There are over 30 wellness and medical practitioners on the STRATA team, specializing in Eastern and Western philosophies and scientific practices as part of their personalized programs.

Under the supervision of an MD/Ph.D. prime. cardiologist Michael Barber, Strata’s experts dig deep into patients’ medical histories to create detailed snapshots of their current health. They then chart a personalized path to wellness, specifically tailored to the needs and goals of patients. Layered plans can integrate cardiology, chiropractic, nutrition, IV therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, energy massage, and other advanced therapies into a single path to optimal health designed expressly for that person.

“The goal here is to prevent dysfunction before it happens,” says Dr. Barber. “If we can engage people early, we can customize a very personal plan, make some adjustments to their diet and lifestyle, and maybe avoid some issues later.”

San Benito Farm
Recognized as one of the leading medical wellness destinations in the Asia-Pacific region, San Benito Farm is an eco-luxury wellness resort located in Lipa, Batangas, a 90-minute drive south of Manila. With 60 suites and villas and three restaurants serving vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian cuisine, the resort sits on 119 acres of lush jungle and offers inspiring views of Mount Malarayat.

The Farm’s all-inclusive medically supervised programs are available in 2-21 night packages to suit guests’ preventative or restorative needs, and include programs on the subject of weight management, mental health, weight recovery, sleep, electromagnetic radiation detoxification and strengthening the immune system. “As we continue to address modern issues such as technostress and Covid recovery, our goal is to look beyond current trends to provide a wide range of evidence-based holistic healings to clients around the world”, says Dr. Marian Alonzo, physician. head of Holistic Sanctuary Medical Center at The Farm. Dr. Alonzo also emphasizes that clients are immersed in a distinct healing environment with treatments administered by integrative physicians and licensed health practitioners combined with a nurturing Filipino touch.

The Farm has partnered with Living Life Well Integrative Medical Clinic, a CIGNA accredited global healthcare provider, since 2018.

Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence
Overlooking Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland and located over 1,000 meters above sea level, the luxury Waldhotel offers a holistic approach healthy by nature concept that encompasses an extensive medical care team of specialists in a variety of medical fields such as nutritherapy, sports medicine, physiotherapy, general medicine, cardiology and dermatology. Personalized diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services are complemented by programs that can last from four days to four weeks or more. Prevention and health programs include those that focus on advanced diagnostics and health checkups, weight management, and metabolism and mind-body balance.

Teacher. Dr Med. Verena Briner, Director of the Medical Center Waldhotel, says “Health is more than physical fitness. Mental well-being is vital; we all need a reason to jump out of bed in the morning. Preventative health care should be the watchword, ensuring that we treat illnesses before they affect our lives. We give our customers some easy-to-follow guidelines that can lead to a longer, healthier lifestyle. This is surely the key to happiness.

According to Dr. Kapp, “We deserve the freedom of choice to prevent what can be avoided, reverse what can be reversed, and live a life of wellness and longevity for as long as humanly possible.”

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