United States: No more threats, no more desperate refugees as the climate warms | Government-and-politics



Ama Francis, who has helped the International Refugee Assistance Project find ways to protect climate refugees, applauded the administration’s recognition of the need to address global warming.

“This is a huge signal from the US government that our refugee and asylum system can protect people right now, which is important because there are already thousands of climate-displaced people on the move, including those who show up to the US border, ”Francis said.

It is imperative that the report transform into legislation that allows climate refugees to resettle in the United States, and not just to end up with another task force, others said.

Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, chairman of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, one of nine US agencies working on refugee resettlement, said action is needed because the current US humanitarian protection system “has failed. designed for cascading natural disasters, massive aridification or large swaths of land consumed by rising seas. “

According to the separate intelligence assessment, a warming planet could increase geopolitical tensions, especially as poorer countries grapple with droughts, rising seas and other effects, while waiting for countries richer and more polluting changes their behavior. Climate change “will increasingly exacerbate the risks to the national security interests of the United States”, according to the estimate.


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