Tourism industry expansion includes capacity building – Love FM

As the tourism industry takes proactive steps in expanding the tourism sector post-pandemic, the Ministry of Tourism is focusing its current budget on projects that can generate more revenue for the country. Tourism Minister Anthony Mahler explained today that these projects include capacity building upgrades as well as infrastructure.

Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism and Relations with the Diaspora “Each fiscal year, you review a budget and a work plan. It is presented to the board of directors and it is approved. They say to make adjustments here and then throughout the year based on industry performance, either you generate more revenue or you generate less revenue, and so in cases where, by generating more income, you can go back and say that we can consider additional projects for us to invest. There are some things that need to be improved in the industry. For example, the training institute, for example more infrastructure at archaeological sites and other national parks.

Minister Mahler says a review process takes place every year and industry performance is assessed. Based on the data presented to the board, the ministry can determine if additional projects are possible.

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