The Mexican government promotes the use of tourism as a tool to promote border activity – Love FM

As we told you, a Mexican government delegation will be in Belize for the next three days to discuss how to further strengthen Belize-Mexico ties through tourism. Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marquez, is leading this delegation to begin their “Toca Puertas” tour. The tour aims to promote investment and unite strategies between Belize and Mexico to make border activity more productive using tourism as a tool. Marquez explained that this project was initially launched in Canada and the United States, and since then it has significantly increased the flow of tourists to Mexico.

Miguel Torruco Marques, Secretary of Tourism, Mexican Government: “We go to different cities where there are people, a lot of tourism that they come to Mexico and to have different interviews. First a seminar with travel agencies and wholesalers and tell them what is new in Mexico, what we have done to improve our tourism product and in case of doubt we answer everything they ask. We just came here to have an interview with the Minister of Tourism, with the Minister of Transport because we are going to start with an agreement to start with different points, different issues that are for the benefit of both countries and the main objective is increasing the tourist flow between Mexico and Belize. This year we are going to receive 42.2 million visitors where they will spend 25.3 billion dollars, so right now we are now in second place after the pandemic just behind France, but in the next few years, all the countries that were in the top ten, they will increase and improve, but we will continue to be at least the top six, the top seven in the world and that is very important, but for us, the benefit to society is their goal . See tourism as a tool for social reconciliation.

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