The Martinican Tourism Commissioner announces a new roadmap for Martinique

Bénédicte di GERONIMO, Executive Councilor of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique, takes the helm of the Martinican Tourist Office (MTA). With managerial experience in the economic sector, the new 43-year-old Tourism Commissioner, bank executive and graduate of the Sorbonne, presents her vision of tourism development in Martinique and the elements of her action plan in a video. addressed to the media and professionals of the sector.

Getting the tourism sector back on track: heading for “Martiniquality

Like all destinations, Martinique is going through an unprecedented ordeal, facing restrictions to mitigate the pandemic, which is weakening all economic sectors, including tourism. The arrival of Bénédicte di GERONIMO is an opportunity to set course for a way out of the crisis. Attentive indeed to health news, the new Tourism Commissioner of the MTA declares:

“Tourism is a solid lever for our economic development because it is transversal. You have to be attentive and inventive to bounce back. Martinique has tremendous assets that I intend to promote energetically to all professionals in the tourism sector. Martinique is a strong destination, a tourist destination par excellence. I intend to merge more deeply our identity, our culture, our heritage, our landscapes, our gastronomy, our AOC rums or our artists. I aspire to move towards a “Martiniqualité”, a Martinique synonymous with quality.

In this sense, the MTA will pilot structuring projects aimed at increasing attendance in Martinique: for example, existing events will be supported and promoted to make them attractive showcases for the Ile aux Fleurs.

The challenge is also to highlight sustainable tourism: to this end, the work of the Martinique Natural Park will be promoted in order to support the candidacy of Mount Pelée and the Pitons du Carbet for UNESCO World Heritage. This step follows the successful enthronement of Martinique’s traditional Yole sailboats on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural World Heritage and the entire island as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Set sail for a safe recovery

The final objective will be to relaunch the destination with prospects and regulars of Martinique. A program to restructure the tourist offer will be put in place with a promotion plan on priority markets: campaigns, press events and familiarization trips will gradually resume on the American market.

“Together, we will rise to the challenge of a strong resurgence. It is thanks to the efforts of each of us that we will be able to reassure our visitors and seek a better future. recalls Bénédicte di GERONIMO. “Martinique is resilient and we can count on the exceptional support of our long-standing American industrial partners, which allows us to reconnect with our American friends,” she said.

To that end, nonstop flights from Miami to Martinique’s capital, Fort-de-France, are available year-round with American Airlines. This service offers easy connecting flights from cities across the United States.

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