The internal politics of the UDP are heating up: welcome, the Coalition for Unity and Reform! – Love FM

The opposition seems about to face a new internal quarrel. Our newsroom has been following reports for weeks that a group of party supporters are forming another group. Perhaps a bit like the Caucus for Change, this one is called the Coalition for Unity and Reform. We are told that it is a collective of UDP supporters, who are unhappy with the current leader, Moses “Shyne” Barrow. They accuse him of having a “dictatorial management style” quote and another that “seeks to exclude valuable UDP organizers and supporters”. Infighting within political parties is not unusual, particularly for the UDP, which has a history of it. But today we asked party chairman Senator Michael Peyrefitte about it.

And while Peyrefitte sees this as a necessary part of politics, he also told us today that he is confident the UDP will be fit and ready by the time the general election arrives.

We also understand that the coalition will hold its first official meeting next week. As for who is in the group, a party insider told us that the rest of the details will come after this meeting. Of course, we will continue to follow the story.

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