Sunnier days ahead for Seychelles tourism

With arrivals just 7,737 fewer than the number recorded in January 2019, for 2022 the tourism sector is slowly but surely showing signs of a successful year for an industry considered the main pillar of Seychelles’ economy. Alongside the forecast arrival figures shared by Seychelles TourismDirector General of Destination Marketing, Ms. Bernadette Willemin, during her presentation to partners at the marketing meeting held earlier in January.

Estimates from Tourism Seychelles show that the destination expects between 36,000 and 76,000 more visitors than in 2021, when the destination recorded a total of 182,849 visitors. The figures for 2021 being, meanwhile, a 59% increase in the number of arrivals compared to 2020, when the destination recorded 114,858 arrivals.

Mrs. Bernadette Willemin mentioned with satisfaction that the destination is heading for better days if the global health situation does not worsen during the year 2021.

“The destination is slowly taking small steps, which will surely be transformed into bigger ones soon.”

“Our efforts to prevent our industry from succumbing to the pandemic are slowly bearing fruit. When we compare our number of visitor arrivals in 2021 to 2019 before the pandemic, which was our best year ever, with 384,204 visitors, we can count ourselves lucky to have been able to recover around 50% of our activity. We are more determined to complete the cycle this year by reducing the gaps in 2019 arrivals as much as possible,” said Ms. Willemin.

She further explains that as part of its marketing strategy, the Tourism Seychelles team will place more emphasis on stimulating demand for Seychelles in key markets that are mainly comprised of traditional Seychelles market countries such as Seychelles. Germany, France or the United Kingdom while increasing visibility and accessibility. in high-growth markets, namely Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and in tactical markets, which largely contributed to initiating the recovery.

Reports from the National Bureau of Statistics of Seychelles (NBS) show that the old continent is regaining its place at the top of the performing countries on arrival charters for January 2022, Russia continues to lead the charts followed by France and the Germany.

According to the latest arrival figures ending February 6, published by the NBS, 27, 123 visitors have landed in Seychelles so far, with an average number of 675 visitors per day. On the list of the top six countries, the destination remains a hit for Russian visitors with 6,470 visitors, followed by France in second place with 3,254 and Germany in third place with 2,484 visitors. Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Switzerland are next on the list with 2,010 visitors, 1,062 visitors and 800 visitors respectively.

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