Routemotion’s digital reduction applications offer solutions for sustainable tourism

BERLIN, GERMANY, November 2, 2021 / – Routemotion is a technology platform and service known for creating sophisticated mobile solutions for sustainable tourism.
Today, the Berlin-based company is announcing a new solution for the benefit of tourist destinations, local businesses and consumers: digital discount cards.

Routemotion digital discount cards are designed for restaurants, museums, hotels, tour operators and more. If a certain city or region has a number of destinations that are looking to attract more customers and attract the attention of tourists and locals, they can partner up – often under the umbrella of a third party, such as an office of local tourism – to create and publish a mobile application.

Using this mobile application, users can purchase digital cards to access destinations and take advantage of the various discounts offered by each destination.
The Routemotion platform allows a high level of customization. Each initiative can have a unique and tailor-made application that is marked and adapted to the cultural and geographic context of the client.

A typical scenario can play out as follows. A small town wants to attract more tourists for the benefit of its local businesses. It can hire a third party or partner with local businesses to build a Routemotion-based app that offers digital discount cards to users. The application can allow users, whether tourists or locals, to visit participating destinations and redeem discounts on each of them.

Digital discount cards are just one of the many possibilities offered by Routemotion tourism apps. They can easily be combined with other offers, events and modules such as audio guides, travel itineraries, etc. Whether used by a tourist visiting a destination or a local resident, these mobile applications are designed to enrich the experience of the user who spends time in the region.

Gianluca Falasca – founder
[email protected]

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