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GOP consultant Lee Atwater coined the phrase “perception is reality” and Republicans have run on that belief ever since. It means “don’t worry about the facts, if you can get people to believe something, it becomes de facto fact.

This afternoon, Biden will be signing a much-needed popular infrastructure bill America. Mitch McConnell voted in favor, but I doubt he and many other Republicans who signed him will attend the signing ceremony. I bet many Republicans who didn’t sign the bill will appear at the groundbreaking photoshoot in their district.

This very morning I heard a lie, reported as the truth about a white van with Antifa and BLM members found and released on January 6.e insurrection. This lie has been repeated over 400,000 times on RW’s social media. A USATODAY poll found that 58% of Trump voters said they viewed the events of January 6 as “primarily an Antifa-inspired attack.” Lee Atwater smiled from the afterlife. The FBI refuted the claims shortly after the riot… March 2, 2021, NPR

I can argue until I’m blue in the face and produce tons of evidence that the price of gasoline has nothing at all with the occupant of the Presidency but it will always fall on someone’s ear. deaf. Anytime gas prices go up dramatically, the person at the pump will blame the current president and that will not change. The opposition party will include gasoline prices at the pump in its political advertisements. I guess the president could release some oil from the strategic oil reserve, but that’s a short-term solution and it loses our clout to keep world prices from being higher than they are.

There is no sugar, inflation at 6.2%, the highest in 30 years erasing a wage increase of 4.9% and an unemployment rate of 4.6%. It is no use bragging about the 5.6 million jobs created in 10 months in a country that believes in ‘what have you been doing for me lately’. Joe Biden is at his lowest level (10 months) of approval (41%) and Vice President Harris even lower at 28% and that’s not going to help medium term in a year.

I don’t know how long inflation will be with us or how far it will go, but I’m sure Joe Biden will be working 24/7 on the issue. It’s not based on my bias; it’s based on what I’ve seen. I saw the stimulus package passed, the infrastructure bill with a total of 32 Republicans on board and never lose sight of the need to continue to fight COVID-19 and climate change. A few fumbles and a pick-6 and that kind of pulled the sails out of his three touchdowns, but there’s three quarters to go with the time left in this quarter.

I remember Trump dismantling his COVID-19 task force and checking three months before the election to focus on the election and three months after, to fight the results.

The Sunday morning political talk shows were brutal in airing their opening promo with “Joe Biden’s poll numbers are plummeting, so what does this mean for Democrats?” The administration sent its spokesperson, and the talk shows responded with a Republican. I never heard any suggestion of what the GOP would do; they just said it was too expensive and socialist. It made me laugh because Trump was asking for $ 2 trillion in nearly identical projects (minus the wall) and the GOP wouldn’t have blinked.

I can understand the poll numbers except for the low numbers from Kamala Harris. She was never going to be a Dick Cheney; it was always going to be traditional. She would remain discreet and defend, explain and advance the president’s agenda. I don’t understand why she is 13% lower than the president. Some said it was because the president gave him a task that had not been resolved for 21 years. Biden sent her to tackle the root cause which is Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Good luck because anyone familiar with the subject knows that these countries will not cooperate and that Congress must come up with a comprehensive immigration reform program. The Senate passed one in 2010, but President Ryan did not allow it to run in the House for an up or down vote.

My party is losing the message war. The GOP hasn’t done anything for the past ten months, but they are the default winners in all categories. Same COVID-19, where 85% of Democrats are vaccinated and just over 40% of Republicans are. New cases are dropping but Delta Plus is just around the corner. You just know if a GOP president like Trump had a record Wall Street count, 5.6 million jobs were added, wages are up 4.9% and new cases of COVID-19 were going down, the base would be on every talk show with these numbers tattooed on their foreheads for everyone to see. The happy days are back.

Yes, we are losing the message war, but I would do nothing but speak the truth, provide the sources, and live with the outcome. This is not a good formula in a “win at all costs” world.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated, center-left political junkie who enjoys discussing issues, as opposed to ideology.

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