Mérida Mayor Renan Barrera Bolsters Industrial, Tourism Ties With Guatemala – The Yucatan Times

Mayor Renán Barrera Concha met with Guatemalan and Yucatec businessmen and industrialists to increase investment opportunities and promote tourism in the city, with the aim of creating business strategies that generate greater economic development, increase employment opportunities and stimulate the city’s service sector.

During the meeting held at the International Congress Center (CIC), the Mayor met with José Centeno Reyes, National President of the National Chamber of the Processing Industry (CANACINTRA), Jorge Charruf Cáceres, President of the CANACINTRA Yucatán Delegation and a delegation of Guatemalan businessmen. present the infrastructure options, security and services of the city, as well as the program of cultural and tourist activities that Mérida offers as an attractive destination for visitors from Central America.

Accompanied by José Luis Martínez Semerena, Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Barrera Concha informed that during the meeting, the progress of the city in terms of infrastructure for industry and commerce, the different congress centers, the educational opportunities and tourist attractions in the city were presented. .

“Mérida continues to consolidate itself as a tourist destination for national and international visitors, however, another important aspect is its attractiveness as an investment hub, due to the indices of security, social peace, infrastructure, trade relations and the quality of public services. , which guarantee the prosperity of companies that decide to settle in the city,” he said.

The state government of Yucatan and the city of Mérida, he added, are working to modernize and create an infrastructure that promotes the development of the local economy, as is the case of the gastronomic tourist corridor on 60th street, and also encourages new industries to decide to invest in our city.

He also pointed out that representatives of TAG Airlines attended the meeting to explore new routes connecting Mérida to Guatemala, due to the interest that this new connection has generated.

For his part, Martinez Semerena explained that the Guatemalan delegation was made up of 16 businessmen from different sectors, interested in investing in the city, which is why they contacted the Investment Attraction Office to establish mechanisms for exploration of the environment, with studies of the markets and the areas available to present a range of options on the areas where they can settle or invest and the distribution chains of materials and suppliers.

“During the work meeting, these businessmen from Guatemala were linked to our management to coordinate efforts to attract investment, supporting them with on-site studies so that they could know the types of markets, distribution channels, commercial circuits and the interconnection of Mérida with the country and the rest of the world,” he said.

He indicated that one of the topics discussed in the working meeting was to take advantage of the existing infrastructure for the development of events, so that the congresses that will be held have the possibility of being held in Mérida, because, in plus facilities, there is a large hotel, gastronomic and service capacity.

Likewise, the congresses will have the possibility of creating alternative programs that allow visitors to know the tourist attractions, archaeological sites, cultural offers and artistic activities that exist every day in the historic center of the city and the traditional neighborhoods.

Finally, the delegation from Guatemala was made up of industrialists and entrepreneurs Alma Coronado, Alejandro González, Francisco Valladares, Rolando Tarot, Carlos Torres, Luis Alfonso Bosch Chinchilla, Selvin Emanuel Palacios Rodríguez, Andrés Rivera, Ileana Nájera Urruela, Elvin Tobar, Andrea María Romero López, Kimberly Hernández and Walter Daniel Emilio Bran Coronado.

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