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Contact with nature has been promoted as one of the most sought-after experiences by luxury tourists post-pandemic. In this sense, Costa Rica’s tourism offer, based on ecotourism and beaches, offers a valuable opportunity to accelerate the pace of recovery in the tourism sector.

According to data from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), foreign exchange earnings from tourism last year amounted to $1,533.8 million, a growth of 15.8% compared to 2020, but still below the $3,980.1 million entered in 2019 for this concept. Overall, tourism continues to be the main generator of foreign currency, ahead of banana and pineapple exports, for example.

Costa Rica has at least 62 five-star hotels that tend to appeal to high-budget travelers who like to stay in the best suites, and whose average spending ticket is estimated at over $35,000.

Beach hotels like the Four Seasons have a rate between 5,000 and 16,000 per night. While some hotel deals in the mountains, with extreme sports options, cost up to $2,500.

Costa Rica, sustainable and safe

Costa Rica is a destination “with multiple outdoor activities, without crowds, sustainable and safe, in compliance with strict biosecurity protocols implemented by all tourism sub-sectors”, underlines the director general of the ICT, Alberto Lopez.

For the architect Luis Mora, the luxury hotel industry must currently focus on the personalization of experiences and exploit the relationship with its immediate environment: natural, physical, social, cultural, historical and climatic. Without forgetting the importance of coworking spaces, as is the case with

Entrepreneur Bary Roberts, a specialist in sustainable tourism, comments that travelers with high purchasing power want to discover and explore the attractions of the destination, but with the comforts and services that best suit their lifestyle.

He mentions that this type of tourist usually travels on private flights, looks for small luxury boutique hotels in exotic locations, with gastronomic services of the highest level, in order to obtain extraordinary and unique experiences, and now more than ever, have access to the latest communication technology.

World class service

Cayuga Collection CEO Hans Pfister has no doubt: what tourists pay the most for now are unique experiences accompanied by world-class service, and in the case of Costa Rica, luxury ecotourism. is one of the reasons to arrive at your destination. “Tourists in general think ecotourism is a differentiator and real experiences too.”

However, he points to the challenge on the road to the recovery of tourism in the country, after the restrictions of the pandemic: “Tourists have lost confidence and we must regain this peace of mind from consumers”.

Alberto López of ICT also recalls that Costa Rica’s position in the United States market “is very positive and much better than that of the rest of the countries in the region. Likewise, the country’s brand in terms of ecotourism, wellness tourism, surfing and national parks is one of the five strongest in the world”. (

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Last modification: May 10, 2022

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