Kamla Harris government invests $6 million for women’s health and empowerment: Guatemala

In Her Hands, a private sector effort to inspire, educate and protect women across northern Central America and the Western world, was launched today by Pro Mujer, Vp Kamala Harris and the Alliance for America Latin.

In Guatemala, the company established an office to improve its financial participation and career opportunities in a country with the 4th highest rate of women doing business in the world (Statista, 2020).

Pro Mujer will lead to a new action plan for promoting women’s investment, In Her Hands, which aims to boost financial education, access to online knowledge and skills and improve women in the world of entrepreneurship in the Northern Triangle, as part of its efforts to broaden its impact on society in the region.

Investment of $6 million, enabling the organization to provide microfinance tools, entrepreneurial skills and opportunities, and health and wellness programs to nearly 25,000 people.

Source: Medriva.

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