Game-Changing Healthcare Service

What’s new: UPS Premier—think healthcare track and trace technology— is expanding into larger markets around the world. And in the fall, we will add a new level of service, UPS Premier Platinum, who adds the possibility of monitor the temperature, light and humidity.

Why is this important: Our healthcare customers and their patients expect near-perfect service for the sensitive medical products. UPS Premier allows them and us to to manage sensitive shipments which require a additional level of control during the transport.

Lab tests, surgical tools and living specimens all have one thing in common… they are personal and valuable to someone. As soon as a sample is taken in the laboratory, the the clock starts ticking. And UPS is committed to managing healthcare logistics so our customers can focus on saving lives.

What they say :Visibility and traceability are critical to prioritizing the lifesaving medicines our customers ship and their customers need,” said Wes Wheeler, president of UPS Healthcare. ” The difference between life and death for patients often depends on the ability at ship fast and follow precisely, monitor and Locate medications.”

How it works: UPS Premium upgrade packages with advanced sensorsas a tracking tagand offers health packages an express pass through the UPS global network. Next-generation sensor technology can locate packages within 10 feet … anywhere in the UPS network.

Get a preview an expedited Premier package through our delivery network.

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