Do sales tax totals show a slowing economy in northern Brazoria County?

Monthly sales tax numbers for May were largely flat for towns in northern Brazoria County.

According to the latest sales tax report released by the Texas Comptroller’s Office on July 8, most of these municipalities saw either slight year-over-year revenue declines or small increases.

Pearland fell into the latter category. In total, the city generated $3.38 million in sales tax revenue in May, an increase of 4.24% from the $3.24 million recorded in the same month last year.

It was the second month in a row that Pearland has seen sales tax revenues held in single digits after posting 15 consecutive months of double digit increases.

Alvin found himself on the other side of the ledger. The municipality saw cash registers generate $714,212 in tax revenue in May, down 3.34% — or $24,750.28 — from the $738,962.91 recorded last year.

May marked the second month in a row that Alvin has seen a year-over-year decline in tax money, and in the first five months of this year, the city has seen three monthly declines.

Manvel’s sales tax figures continued to fall, with May posting the third consecutive month that a month in 2022 was outperformed by the corresponding month in 2021.

In May, the city collected $275,042.73 in sales tax, down 2.83% from the $283,069.91 brought in last year.

At Manvel, returns for the first five months of the year have always been worse than for the same months last year. So far this year, Manvel has brought in $1.32 million in sales taxes. Last year the total was $1.4 million.

Iowa Colony and Liverpool were bright spots, with both cities posting substantial year-over-year gains in May.

Iowa Colony continued its strong increase in monthly sales tax revenue by taking in $47,711, a jump of 28.06% or $10,454 from $37,256 taken in May 2021.

Iowa Colony recorded an average 21.03% year-over-year increase in sales tax revenue in the first five months of this year.

After seeing a slight drop in year-on-year sales taxes generated in April, Liverpool rebounded in May, recording $5,391.98, a 22.9% jump from $4,389.02 produced in the same month last year.

Overall, Liverpool have seen sales tax increases in four of the past five months.

Brookside Village’s fortunes weren’t as good, as the municipality saw a year-over-year decline in sales taxes generated in May.

The city took in $7,022, down $329.41 from May 2021’s total of $7,352.

Sales tax revenue figures for June will be released in mid-August.

John DeLapp is a freelance writer. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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