Curaçao dive tourism operators become members of Green Fins

The Reef World Foundation launched a new online platform, the Green Fin Hubwhich will help from Curacao leaders in sustainable dive tourism Green Fins Digital Members in the development of best environmental practices for maritime tourism.

These leading sustainable dive tourism operators (Ocean Encounters, The dive bus, Scubacao and GO WEST Diving) in Curacao have all become Green Fins Digital Members reinforce the need to create change in order to provide future generations with the opportunity for a healthy and sustainable environment, both above and below the waterline.

According Bryan Hornefounder of Diving Curacao:

“From a private sector perspective, Dive Curacao is incredibly proud to support sustainable dive tourism and these leaders in Curacao’s dive tourism industry to create change. After all, if we do nothing to support the environment, we will end up having an unsustainable dive tourism industry in Curacao. This will lead to an inability to deliver exceptional travel and dive vacation experiences in the future. The bottom line is that apathy cannot no longer be accepted.

Whereas JJ Harveydirector at Reef World Foundationsaid:

“Maritime tourism plays an important role in Curaçao’s economy and as the industry develops, it is essential to establish practical approaches to protect the marine environment. By adopting Green Fins, dive operators are taking critical steps to ensure that Curacao’s dive market is managed sustainably to increase the resilience of corals and marine life to broader global threats and to protect valuable marine ecosystems for future generations.

Coral reefs in Curacao to understand 104 square kilometers (40 square miles) highly biodiverse systems and therefore represent a high economic value.

Learn more about the Green Fins Hub here.

Curaçao Green Turtle Diving (Image credit: Frank Do)

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