Costa Rica publishes a guide to Caribbean cultural tourism:

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and the Ministry of Culture and Youth have published the Caribbean Cultural Tourism Guide.

The guide includes sections such as “10 things every tourist should see and do in the Caribbean”, the importance of cultural heritage, a tourist map, suggestions for cultural tourism activities, gastronomic options, a tour of the buildings the most emblematic, historical sites, rural tourism in indigenous villages, emblematic towns, rural tourism inns, protected areas, bird watching, wellness tourism and unmissable beaches.

In addition, there are three mini-guides for Cahuita and Puerto Viejo, Limón, Tortuguero and Parismina, which indicate tourist contacts and other alternatives in the Caribbean.

Local governments, local tour guides, business people, the National Conservation Areas System and Chambers of Tourism contributed to the development of this guide to provide tourists with up-to-date, first-hand information at their fingertips. hand and just a click away.

Alberto Lopez, Director General of ICT, explained that this guide increases the chances of travelers visiting the region.

“The Caribbean Guide reflects what we establish in the National Tourism Plan, where the growth and improvement of Costa Rica’s tourism industry is our primary goal. We also promote a resilient activity capable of taking advantage of sustainable tourism and cultural heritage, rediscovering the natural wonders of the province of Limón and the flavor of the Caribbean, its culture and history, fused in gastronomy and artistic expressions”, said Alberto Lopez.

Since December 2020, when the first guides were published, there have been new ones for Turrialba-Jiménez, Sarapiquí, Osa, Los Santos, Monteverde, Guanacaste Sur, Guanacaste Norte, Golfito-Jiménez, Llanueras del Norte.

“With the launch of this new Caribbean tourist guide, as well as complementary mini-guides, a window is opening for the Limón region, which represents a boost in the reactivation of hotels, restaurants and tour operators. This translates into economic revitalization for the region,” said Kristel Ward Hudson, Deputy Minister of Youth.

The Costa Rican Caribbean has magical places to visit, heavenly beaches, exuberant nature and many enchanting sites. Its people, its extraordinary culture and its gastronomy make Limón a special place that captures the heart of every visitor.

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