Carbon Health Acquires RPM Supplier Alertive Healthcare to Enhance Home Monitoring


Carbon Health’s wave of mergers and acquisitions continues with today’s announcement that the leading vendor has purchased Alertive Healthcare, a remote patient monitoring company.

The move reinforces Carbon Health’s recent push into technology-driven out-of-office disease management, which the company reported in June with its acquisition of virtual diabetes management startup Steady Health.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Carbon Health has already seen the power of RPM tools throughout the COVID pandemic by enabling better patient care remotely with blood pressure cuffs, blood glucose monitors and scales. Myoung Cha, chief strategy officer and president of home care at Carbon Health, said in a statement.

“Based on this early success, we believe that providing quality home care is essential to providing accessible health care to all, which is why we are investing in equipment as a key pillar of our model of care. omnichannel. Combined with our recent acquisition of Steady Health for diabetes care, Alertive Healthcare now allows us to extend our existing RPM offerings to multiple chronic diseases affecting the heart, brain, lungs and kidneys.

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Carbon Health, based in San Francisco, operates more than 90 physical primary care clinics in 14 states. The six-year-old company began engaging patients through numerous low-friction channels, such as mobile pop-ups and app-delivered virtual care, to reduce friction and keep patients engaged in their care. .

Alertive Healthcare, formerly known as Sentinel, was founded in 2017 and offers its turnkey RPM offering to nearly 40 provider clinics across the country, wrote CEO Nirav Shah, MD, in a blog post ad.

The platform uses integrated devices to collect physiological data from patients and provides alerts regarding compliance or if the patient’s condition becomes critical. The company said the tools can be used in a range of specialties, including primary care, cardiology, neurology and nephrology.

Carbon Health will integrate the Alert service “in the coming months”. This will allow the primary care provider to expand their home care offerings while allowing their clinicians to gain better insight into patients’ vital signs in real time, the company said.

Shah said the Alertive brand and service will remain intact during the integration. The company will continue to provide its services to existing patients and providers “without change,” he said, and will benefit from the increased scale that Carbon Health will be able to provide.

“With two companies focused on closing the gap in access to healthcare, Carbon Health and Alertive Healthcare are a great match,” Shah said in a statement. “By joining the Carbon Health team, we’ll be able to reach more patients, deliver real telemetry, and deliver care beyond video in a truly scalable way. “

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Carbon Health, meanwhile, will gain new supplier connections as it seeks to work with Alertive’s existing customer base. It will also look to bring Alertive’s RPM platform to other health systems, specialists and additional payers, the company said.

Carbon Health has clearly expressed its national ambitions. Supported by a huge summer fundraiser of $ 350 million, the company said it hopes to become “the largest primary care provider in the United States” with a goal of 1,500 clinics by 2025.

So far it has had the growth to support its bark. The company said in July that its patient volume was up 120% since a previous increase in November 2020. The primary care provider’s acquisitions have not been limited to technology, either. In August, it took over two separate clinic chains comprising nine clinics in Tucson, Arizona and Sacramento, California.

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