Belize reaffirms support for Taiwan as doubts grow over Honduras

A senior Belize politician on Wednesday pledged “unwavering” support for Taiwan during a meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen, amid doubts over whether Central American nation Honduras will maintain ties with it. the island after a presidential election.

Belize and Honduras are two of only 15 countries with formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan claimed by China, and Beijing has gradually reduced that number. The conservative candidate for the ruling Honduran party admitted defeat in the presidential election on Tuesday evening, paving the way for his left-wing rival Xiomara Castro to come to power. Castro pitched the idea of ​​changing ties with China.

Meeting Tsai in her Taipei office, Belize House of Representatives Speaker Valerie Woods said her country and Taiwan share the same values ​​of freedom, peace, human rights, statehood. law and democracy. “We also know the challenges of defending sovereignty and the right to independence, because we also fought a great neighbor,” Woods said, probably referring to Guatemala’s territorial claims over Belize.

“Belize remains steadfast in its support for Taiwan and we stand in solidarity with you,” added Woods, who is visiting for a parliamentary forum. Belize and Taiwan established ties in 1989.

Tsai told Woods that she hopes the relationship will continue to deepen. Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said later Wednesday that the government congratulated Castro on his victory and that he would work with his new administration.

Taiwan has already warned Honduras not to be fooled by China’s “flashy and bogus” promises. China’s efforts to win over Taiwan’s friends have alarmed and angered Washington, which is worried about Beijing’s growing international influence.

Pacific island nations Kiribati and the Solomon Islands were the last countries to sever relations with Taipei in September 2019.

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