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digital health The revolution has already begun, and it will gain momentum in 2022 as providers and patients seek new and better ways to improve care. Companies with strong offerings, management teams and balance sheets are poised to capture tremendous value.

Healthcare deals were hot in the first nine months of 2021. They brought in a total of $21.3 billion in venture funding across 541 deals, eclipsing the previous record high of $14.6 billion. dollars established in 2020, according to Rock Health.

But startups will continue to lead the way in innovation with the use of AI, IoT and data analytics, especially with data becoming the central currency of healthcare.

Against this backdrop, here are six emerging trends we’re watching closely in 2022.

Telemedicine will change the way chronic diseases are treated

The pandemic has shown how telemedicine can change the way we think about care interactions, with virtual visits increasing nearly 40 times, according to data from McKinsey. Most of these interactions centered on acute care. But for telemedicine to reach its full potential, it will need to engage patients more frequently, especially for certain chronic diseases.

Successful companies will be those that change the way patients interact with the healthcare system by building their entire operations around the patient experience.

Chronic care costs are poised to rise as baby boomers age and put increased pressure on the healthcare system. Diabetes is a chronic disease where telemedicine will play a greater role. That’s why Teladoc Health, a leader in the field, acquired Livongo last year for $18.5 billion.

In 2022, entrepreneurs and investors are likely to expand telemedicine to more chronic care spaces like cardiology. Today, one person in the United States has a heart attack every 40 seconds, and heart disease costs the country about $219 billion a year. Telehealth offers a convenient and cost-effective way to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. For example, through telehealth, even patients in remote or rural areas can access cardiologists for treatment without having to travel far.

Overall, expect telehealth players to expand their offerings in the chronic care landscape significantly in 2022.

Digital therapeutics will rewrite the future of healthcare

Digital therapy is perhaps the most innovative development in healthcare today and has the potential to dramatically change the way care is delivered. More than any other area, this is the space where I think we will see the most entrepreneurial and investment activity in the coming year.

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