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JEDDAH: Award-winning Saudi student Lama Al-Ahdal, who has won medals at the Physics Olympiad, says her success in competition motivates her to pursue her passion and achieve great things for the Kingdom.

She won gold at the Gulf Physics Olympiad, a bronze medal at the International Physics Olympiad, and a bronze medal at the Nordic-Baltic Physics Olympiad.

Al-Ahdal spoke to the Saudi Press Agency about the start of her journey to the Physics Olympiad through the Mawhoob competition, which she has participated in several times.

It was her participation in 2018 that led to her nomination to participate in training forums, a path that will eventually lead her to victory.

“I started taking basic courses in Jeddah, through which I qualified and passed the required tests. I was nominated for the Winter Forum at Princess Nourah University in Riyadh, then formed with the physics team, from which a number of students from the Kingdom would qualify to form the Saudi team for the Physics Olympiad.


It was her participation in 2018 that led to her nomination to participate in training forums, a path that will eventually lead her to victory.

“At the start of 2019, we underwent an intense eight-hour training, both remotely and at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, to prepare for international competitions. I learned how to calculate the strength of the earth’s magnetic field using a string and two magnets, how to generate electricity by heating two pieces of metal, how to measure the thickness of a candy wrapper using a laser and other scientific experiments.

“The top five students were then nominated to represent the Kingdom, and fortunately I passed and snatched the gold medal in the Gulf Physics Olympiad, the bronze medal in the Physics Olympiad Nordic-Baltic and the bronze medal at the International Physics Olympiad.”

Joining the Saudi physics team and undergoing training helped her discover that physics was a beautiful subject. “I learned a lot from that and from the Olympiad experience.”

His participation increased his skills and developed his thinking by getting to know competitors from different countries.

“I also developed my time management skills since the training continued even during school days. My dad and mom played a major role in helping me achieve my goals and encouraging me to try new things to gain more skills and learn more,” she said.

Setting a specific goal and working towards it was the most important thing that motivated her to take on the challenge and try new things.

Her father, Abdul Rahman Al-Ahdal, said his daughter’s journey was filled with scientific challenges.

“She has always been a talented child and a brilliant student with a bright future ahead of her. God has blessed her with a very experienced group of trainers and supervisors. It is important to focus and draw a plan and work to achieve it.

“I thank the King Abdulaziz Foundation and his companions for donations and creativity, and all those responsible for helping the sons and daughters of the Kingdom to participate in forums of creativity, innovation and Olympiads science, as well as other scientific activities.”

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